Advocating for REALTORS® and their Clients.

The Southern Ohio Association of REALTOR is dedicated to “Advocating for REALTORS® and their Clients.” We utilize several different committees to effectively and efficiently achieve this goal.

SOAR’s  RPAC Committee  contributes to hiring lobbyists for our legislators and regulators to help pass laws that maintain a healthy business environment for our members and for their clients, and work to defeat laws which increase the cost of housing and inhibit the growth of the real estate industry.

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NAR REALTOR Action Center

The Realtor Action Center keeps members informed of important bills and legislation in Washington, D.C. that are vital to the Real Estate industry.

NAR will send you Calls for Action whenever there are bills under consideration by Congress that we feel require mobilizing the collective power of our 1.1 million members in support of, or in opposition to. It is our goal to limit these Calls for Action to only those bills of major importance. So please take the opportunity to make your voice heard.

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